• 21 April 2007

10 items or less, for Google win over Baidu in China

I, like many those who see internet as a part of their lives, have a strong feeling about Google; whether it is because the importance of the Google in realm of SEO or it is due to the various services Google provided brought to me countless convenience. However, like the rest of us in China, we all know that the No. 1 Search Engine in China is not Google; ask common people in China what they use for searching on internet, you get the most answers are: Baidu. So, what Google should do to gain the top spot?

  • 5 April 2007

Windows Vista SP1?

Just after about three months when Windows Vista finally released to the retail market in this January, Microsoft say they are currently working on the Windows Vista SP1, and they want to get it finished before this Christmas.

  • 4 April 2007

On Bilingual Weblog II, how to set up a bilingual blog

Ok, in this part, we will starting the actual work of setting up an English and Chinese weblog use WordPress 2.1.3, just like this weblog you are reading right now. This article here provides my own experience with some graphical demonstration, and I also provided my gettexted theme of TypoXP-Reloaded ( with Google Adsense optimized 🙂 ). And I am pretty sure that the methods used in this article will also apply to set up other bilingual blog in general. (more…)

  • 4 April 2007

On Bilingual Weblog I, some thoughts

Although the ideas and methods provided within the two articles of this topic are intended to explain and demonstrate on setting up a bilingual weblog, they can also apply to build multi-languages weblog or website in general, of course, except those tools or plugins particularly for the WordPress in this case.

If you are reading this article, certainly you are already have some interest on the idea of setting up a bilingual weblog. However, what exactly you meant by the “bilingual weblog”? The reason I ask this question is: The incentive of setting up a bilingual weblog maybe very obvious, that is to have more targeted visitors of your site thus increasing the potential of getting higher traffic to your site; but the concept of the bilingual weblog may not. (more…)