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KPMRS – A new SEO tool, pretty good

Is today’s analytical service becoming more complex with irrelevant data? Here comes the pertinent solution entitled KPMRS.com, which is accomplished with packaged data and allows for the fundamental analysis of the performance of any website. It is a very ideal, rapid and useful keyword monitoring tool for the SEO Professionals, Website owners and Bloggers in the Internet Marketing arena. (more…)

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Seems like Google will be running these companies out of business. I use Google Webmaster Tools to monitor keywords.
Kayla Hernandez
Kayla Hernandez

I am still a beginner in website SEO and i usually submit to website directories and article directories to boost…

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10 items or less, for Google win over Baidu in China

I, like many those who see internet as a part of their lives, have a strong feeling about Google; whether it is because the importance of the Google in realm of SEO or it is due to the various services Google provided brought to me countless convenience. However, like the rest of us in China, we all know that the No. 1 Search Engine in China is not Google; ask common people in China what they use for searching on internet, you get the most answers are: Baidu. So, what Google should do to gain the top spot?