• 11:36 PM

Define success, just to refresh your & my mind

Everybody want it, but few people actually get it.  Sucess, is a such troublesome word:  when it is ambiguous,  it makes me frustration, just to image only after a long time of hard work, you suddenly start to doubt  that what you were doing isn’t really what you want;  but when it is clear, I mean when it is made clear by others, parents, boss, friends and most importantly, the media,  it makes me angry,  because  your success can’t be defined by others! And it is certainly not just about fame and money. So, what is success? (more…)

  • 08:28 PM

Google Reader ruined family Christmas Eve dinner.

Do you use Google Reader, a Google’s web feed web(not desktop client) aggregator? I do. I even set it as my Firefox’s home page. Well, I didn’t know that Google Reader broadcasts my shared feeds to everyone in my google talk contact list; not until I see this article today at WebProNews! (more…)

  • 09:36 PM

Wikipedia Fundraising: Can we make it accessible in China Manland?

Wikipedia.org is the most valuable source for most internet users. Unfortunately, for every average Chinese citizen, he or she has the very difficulty to access the site. I usually use Vidalia (a tor plus privoxy combined nice program with easy to use GUI) to access Wikipedia, but this is really a pain in the neck, for the speed of a proxy server is really slow! There already has a long history in which China authorities deliberately filter out Wikipedia; In my memory, it was, only occasionally, two to three times lifted the restriction during the last three or four years.

  • 10:21 PM

On Bilingual Weblog I, some thoughts

Although the ideas and methods provided within the two articles of this topic are intended to explain and demonstrate on setting up a bilingual weblog, they can also apply to build multi-languages weblog or website in general, of course, except those tools or plugins particularly for the WordPress in this case.

If you are reading this article, certainly you are already have some interest on the idea of setting up a bilingual weblog. However, what exactly you meant by the “bilingual weblog”? The reason I ask this question is: The incentive of setting up a bilingual weblog maybe very obvious, that is to have more targeted visitors of your site thus increase the potential of getting higher traffic to your site; but the concept of the bilingual weblog may not.