HTML 5 the language that one should learn about

HTML 5 is known as a markup language which is used in organising the World Wide Web and also it is the hard-core technology for the Internet. The number five in the HTML denotes that it is the fifth version of it. Many improvements and features are added in this language.It allows the user support with the latest and the best features in multimedia making the interface easy to handle for many of us. It is made very easy so that many of us can develop web applications and web content easily. It is the updated version of HTML 4. Many features of HTML 4 and XHTML one is included as a mixture. It is used in many of the web browsers. Many websites are made in these HTML 5 content features. It includes the application programming interface and markup. The application programming interface known as (APIs) in short. A variety of devices can use this estimate five because in this latest update it has made features available for the low power end devices. The features that are included in still five are video, audio and also the canvas elements, the scalable vector graphics are also included that provide the functionality to integrate the best graphics as possible. The maths ml is available for the mathematical formulas and operations. These features provide extensibility to the multimedia and graphics.


  • The other contents are also included like section, header an article. Opera the software has presented a position paper at a worldwide web scale. That is implemented to develop the technologies for the existing web browsers.

  • The markup language – HTML 5 has been included with many of the new elements and features that provide the extended functionality for the new websites. The semantic replacements of some common generate block that is

    and also the in-line elements. Some of the depreciated elements have been dropped.

  • The New APIs – HTML 5 included with the new application programming interfaces (APIs) which are used in the JavaScript’s. The new APIS that are included in HTML 5 are the canvas element for the 2-D mode drawing the canvas 2-D APIS has been included. HTML 5 is included with the off-line web applications and the document editing features, drag-and-drop features is also included. Browser history management and document messaging is also one of the feature. In overall review of HTML 5 it is said that it is the best markup language for the websites.

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