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Javascript embarrassment

Nowadays, we all write javascript code using various javascript frameworks, be it Jquery, YUI, prototype or many others. One reason we use this javascript frameworks is that they provide us rich features, easy understanding code, automatic browser compatibility and sometime, langauge extended features. Some of us may even didn’t right much the stand alone javascript code at all, actually, I usually heard people use javascript and Jquery as interchangeable terms. (more…)

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Web developers, a TED video about 404 page

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For those who think English is not important

Even on the small scale, when you look at any programming organization, the programmers with the most power and influence are the ones who can write and speak in English clearly, convincingly, and comfortably. Also it helps to be tall, but you can’t do anything about that.

  • 12:45 PM

A simple markup standard for HTML5

Here is a simple HTML5 coding standard:

  • Always add a lang attribute on html element, e.g.: <html lang=”en-US”>
  • No self close empty tags anymore, e.g.: wirte <br> instead of <br />
  • No style attribute for rel links for css or in the <script> tags, e.g.:
    Just <link media=”all” href=”_css/style.css” rel=”stylesheet”>
    or <script src=”_js/calendar.js”></script>
  • Make all tags in lowercase
  • Use double quotes for attribute value
  • Jusrt write the attribute indicate instead of the value and the attribute for boolean attributes, e.g.:
    <section hidden>xxx</section> instead of <section hidden=”hidden”>xxx</section>

What do you think? 🙂

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Mims Wright
Mims Wright

I know HTML coding standards is a very hot topic these days and it's fair to say that there is…
David Adam

Ahah, thanks for the comment. Did you mean the tag "" which requires self closing? Yeah, I myself actually also…

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Checking out Concretr5

Just read about a new CMS: Concrete5 at www.concrete5.org:-)

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Hapjes Maken
Hapjes Maken

I just read it.. I must say. Interesting cms!

  • 10:53 PM

Nicknames for types of your TMs

Do you know all what each of the following nickname mean? 🙂

  • The Attacker
  • The Complainer
  • The Comic
  • The Descerter
  • The Limelight Seeker
  • The Moonlighter
  • The Not-My-Jobber
  • The Bleeding Heart

  • 11:10 PM

Building team spirit

In order to build a team spirit, the following five factors are essential:

  1. Open communication
  2. Empowerment
  3. Clear roles and responsibilities
  4. An effective leader
  5. A reward and accountability system for both individual team members and the entire team.


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What is the best system to set up and run a web site?

Yesterday, I read a Javalobby News from dzon.com titled “5 reasons you don’t really want a jack-of-all-trades developer”. It made me think about this question again. I asked myself this question many times cause right now there are so many open source CMSes out there, and choose the right one is not an easy task. (more…)

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nice topic ;)
Jesse Guthrie
Jesse Guthrie

Starting a website is getting to be easier and easier. Great article and review.

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I think we should trying to get to know more each other’s history.

Today, some colleagues and me discussed some idea differences between China and U.S. . I am a regular Chinese, and have no abroad living experience, have never actually been to America. But I like English and Reading. Through this interesting discuss, I got to a thought that, maybe, the most problem on this planet is that people don’t understand each other because they knew so little about each other, especially their history. (more…)

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Google’s customer service, what would Google do?

Google is a “Fine” company. For the geeks, it is the ultimate destination of a dreaming place to wok in; For most internet user, it is the starting point of “getting-on-the-web”; for online business owners and marketers, it is the “God”. Superior products and services is the key for Google’s success. Jeff Jarvis even wrote a book about Google’s customer service, titled “What would Google do“. Google is the model for other companies who want to succeed in this information era. For me, since I read the John Battelle’s “The Search“, The “Do no evil” Google is my personal admiration. However, a week ago, my previous account was compromised. I must admit that this kind thing rarely happened to me; I didn’t even considered this could happen so there was a part of my own responsibilities for I didn’t prepare any records for the incidents. This is the first time I tried the Google’s customer service. And, there are some factors really surprised me. (more…)

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New Marketing Success
New Marketing Success

I want to point out that Google is very particular about internet marketers and online business promoters. There are…

After two months, Google finally gave my account back. :)
adsense approval
adsense approval

Hello, i think that i noticed you visited my weblog thus i came to “return the choose”.I'm attempting to to…