• 28 December 2007

Google Reader ruined family Christmas Eve dinner.

Do you use Google Reader, a Google’s web feed web(not desktop client) aggregator? I do. I even set it as my Firefox’s home page. Well, I didn’t know that Google Reader broadcasts my shared feeds to everyone in my google talk contact list; not until I see this article today at WebProNews! (more…)

  • 8 November 2007

Wikipedia Fundraising: Can we make it accessible in China Manland?

Wikipedia.org is the most valuable source for most internet users. Unfortunately, for every average Chinese citizen, he or she has the very difficulty to access the site. I usually use Vidalia (a tor plus privoxy combined nice program with easy to use GUI) to access Wikipedia, but this is really a pain in the neck, for the speed of a proxy server is really slow! There already has a long history in which China authorities deliberately filter out Wikipedia; In my memory, it was, only occasionally, two to three times lifted the restriction during the last three or four years.

  • 21 April 2007

10 items or less, for Google win over Baidu in China

I, like many those who see internet as a part of their lives, have a strong feeling about Google; whether it is because the importance of the Google in realm of SEO or it is due to the various services Google provided brought to me countless convenience. However, like the rest of us in China, we all know that the No. 1 Search Engine in China is not Google; ask common people in China what they use for searching on internet, you get the most answers are: Baidu. So, what Google should do to gain the top spot?