• 21 September 2007

Strong Community Base of Bittorrent Network

Today, superfundo.org temporary suspended its regular website updating due to the growing traffic it receives. On its home page, the website operator posted a message to require donation in order to buy “A BRAND NEW,DEDICATED SERVER THAT SHOULD BE VERY FAST”. The target amount is about US$140.00 by this weekend, September 23th. But within three hours, the site has already received US$311.01. (more…)

  • 12 August 2007

thepiratebay: Suprnova.org Comes Back!

The legendary BitTorrent site Suprnova will be relaunched by thepiratebay.org! Former owner of Suprnova.org Sloneck has donated the domain to thepiratebay.org, the later will relaunch Suprnova.org in the nearly future. You can login to suprnova.org by now, and wil see a title “sweat revenge” and “Ok, Boy! we should set up a countdown at here, so soon you will come back” on its homepage. (more…)

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