• 5 November 2007

Fix tag’s links when switch to built in tag support from third-party plugins!

I didn’t aware that the tags links on my blog are not working. In past few days, I got very sick, and didn’t check my online work very much; besides I just used the built-in tags feature comes with the WordPress, so I’d though there were should no problems on my blog. Until today.

  • 28 October 2007

Upgrade to WordPress 2.3 with Language Switcher: Lessons learned

Well, it acutally WordPress 2.3.1, cause this version was out one day ago. Every blogger who use WordPress probably know that 2.3 has big changes. First, let’s look into the database schema: taxonomy, terms…hello, Drupal? Maybe, it will not long WP start call its posts as “Node”? I mean, WordPress database really changed a lot in this release; the nerdy-geeky names used in the WordPress database table reflecting that the method of manage content in modern CMS are becoming more and more abstract and complex also at the same time flexible. Other “big” changes including automatically inform upgrade information on plugins and core updates, built in tags and tag cloud support. This blog has run WordPress 2.2 smoothly for a couple months now, after a month the official 2.3 release, I finally sat down to upgrade my blog to take advantage of the new features. (more…)

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Nick Georgakis
Nick Georgakis

Hello Wei, Your post about Language Switcher was a real savior to me , since I have…
David Adam
David Adam

Hi, Nick. Thanks for your comment. I think the most credit should give to the Language Switcher auther at poplarware!…