Building team spirit

In order to build a team spirit, the following five factors are essential:

  1. Open communication
  2. Empowerment
  3. Clear roles and responsibilities
  4. An effective leader
  5. A reward and accountability system for both individual team members and the entire team.

For effective leadership, check the following list. Try to do every item:

  • Set clear goals for each team member and the team.
  • Give clear directions for those who need it.
  • Share examples and experiences of your personal successes and mistakes in order to relate to the team.
  • Emphasize the positive rather than the negative in your talks with your team.
  • Give continual feedback to each team member and to the team —— both positive and constructive.
  • Use small successes to build team cohesiveness.
  • Practice what you say.
  • Express your and the organization’s appreciation through rewards, if available.
  • Develop a constructive relationship——both you and the team are working together toward the same goals.
  • Make change happen for the better by encouraging creativity and innovation.
  • Encourage self-reliance and self-development.
  • Encourage team members to express their views during conflict and share yours with them.
  • Have your team see its connection to the larger organization and to customers and / or the community.
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