Emergency Aid for Chinese Earthquake: Need 2,6 million Tents right now!

First, here is the information on New York Time on how to help:
China Disaster Relief: How to Contribute
Suddenly receive message from Google China Adsense team, says that the earth quake victims in central China need at least 2,600,000 tents. A shock massive earthquake rocked central China province Sichuan on 12th, May. Due to non-stop raining on the area, the situation of the victims is very worrying. There are about 600,000 tents in need in Mianyang Beichuan where sheltered many victims there.

The local province government says there are total 2,6 million Tents needed in all regions affected by the earthquake. Google China Adsense team are calling for all the Adsense publisher to put this Emergency Aid message on their websites. It seems the local government has some difficulties to collect so much tents in a short time.
If you are company can provide tents or have transaction relationship with companies provide TENTS or other RAINPROOF appliance, please contact the China local government or Media for details how to help!

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