Fix tag’s links when switch to built in tag support from third-party plugins!

I didn’t aware that the tags links on my blog are not working. In past few days, I got very sick, and didn’t check my online work very much; besides I just used the built-in tags feature comes with the WordPress, so I’d though there were should no problems on my blog. Until today.

I found my tags pages came up an undefined function call error, it caught my attention. It not took me long to spot the causes (in fact, just a few seconds). The problem is that the original TypoXP reloaded theme tag/tags template pages. Since the original TypoXP reloaded theme support the UTW–Ultimate Tag Warrior–plugin, and provided the tag and tags archive template files; also since according WordPress Template Hierarchy, when I hit any of the tag’s url, wordpress will first redirect the request to the theme’s tag file, and in that file, it calls the UTW_ShowCurrentTagSet function which of course don’t exist.

The solution is easy. Because I want to use the built in tags support, just delete or rename the tag and tags files of my theme. Then WordPress will use its own tags functionality instead of trying to call a plugin function.

So, if you upgrade your wordpress from previous version with third-party tags plugins enabled, remember to remove the theme’s tags template files also.

Sorry for I didn’t correct this minor error more quickly!

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