Strong Community Base of Bittorrent Network

Today, temporary suspended its regular website updating due to the growing traffic it receives. On its home page, the website operator posted a message to require donation in order to buy “A BRAND NEW,DEDICATED SERVER THAT SHOULD BE VERY FAST”. The target amount is about US$140.00 by this weekend, September 23th. But within three hours, the site has already received US$311.01.

This is the fastest voluntary website donation who achieve its goal I’ve ever seen. Despite the MPAA and RIAA’s extraordinary effort on reducing copyright infringement in this field among past few years, it seems the Bittorrent community not only has not shown any weakening so far, but also become even more stronger perhaps. Thousands of Bittorrent websites are getting online every day; although many of these sites are private (i.e. require register) , these sites are continuing gain increasing popularity everyday. A part reason of this, I think, it is because more and more sites are subject oriented, such as and And recently, the old “Big Empire” of Bittorrent, has resurrected from its 3 years halt!

Does copyright matters? Yes, it is. But copyright protection is always an on going and changing subject all around the world. The web has enough discussions on this matter, so I need not may scramble about it. But the thing is that, this new information technology age situation, really reflects the surprisedly ability of consuming information of mankind. We don’t know the potential quantity of the demand of information of a human being before the internet age, but now, we think this may very hard to image that there is really actual a certain amount of information a person may require.

And the other very interesting thing is that how the entertaining industry, especially the movie industry distribution chain will be reshaped in the long run.

This p2p network development is really a strike phenomenon of the 21st century in human history!

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