What is the best system to set up and run a web site?

Yesterday, I read a Javalobby News from dzon.com titled “5 reasons you don’t really want a jack-of-all-trades developer”. It made me think about this question again. I asked myself this question many times cause right now there are so many open source CMSes out there, and choose the right one is not an easy task.

All this comes down to the actual needs you understand for yourself, I think. So, the question is actually a trick question. The question is actually has two presets: the first one is that you already have a certain and decent amount knowledge on different open source CMSes, knowing which CMSess are capable of what and which CMSes are not capable of what; the second one is that you already have clear idea of what your web site needs, or at least, a relative clear vision of the features of your web site needs.

Obviously, either one of this two presets is within the ability of almost 99% “webmaster want to”s. For most of them, just focus on the second, which often leads some, if not many, unrealistic, useless and unnecessary requirements. And, then, they just dump all the requirements onto the develop firms or image some mysterious guy can fulfill all their “needs” themselves may not even understand.

I think, if more people start to think about their sites what really need “NOW” in a realistic and intelligent way; then more people would find that they can actually build more professional sites without wishing to catch some “golden fish” by blindly cast a wide net.

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  1. upheaval says:

    nice topic 😉

  2. Starting a website is getting to be easier and easier. Great article and review.

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