Windows Vista SP1?

Just after about three months when Windows Vista finally released to the retail market in this January, Microsoft say they are currently working on the Windows Vista SP1, and they want to get it finished before this Christmas.

I have no actual experience on using this new operating system. But according some reports of others, besides require a wide range of users to upgrade the PCs’ hardware to get them “Windows Vista Ready”, the actual new experience with Vista is also not as expected. Because some fundamental structure change in the source code of Windows Vista, software manufacturers need make their software compatible Windows Vista. And in today’s market, there are still many software not compatible with Vista yet. The situation for the hardware is nearly the same. No wonder, Microsoft says the Windows Vista SP1, code name “Fiji”, mainly focus on software compatibility and add new hardware drivers.

Of course, I believe that another issue Microsoft will deal with is the security. I never believe that “Windows Vista is so secure so that it even doesn’t need install anti-virus software”. What a joke! If this is true, so why there are already so many “cracked” Windows Vista versions on Bittorrent network claim that they all can by-passing Windows Vista license control and use forever without a legal copy of license? I believe that there is just no such thing that a Service Pack contain no security patches.

Software, hardware and security issues are one side of the story, another side of the story on the actual end users of the Windows Vista. Due to Windows vista’ user account management system is much different than before, some users have claimed that they just can’t use it because it is too annoy that so often and so many places, it will pop up a window require you input system administrator passwords. However, if you disable this user account management system, I am afraid that Windows vista will not be as safe as Windows XP! Of course, this problem may just apply to the average Windows users, it derived from the windows’ loose control on the user right in the past. Vista’s user account control system is not as complex as any one Linux system. Without its user has a health habit of using their computer, even a securest system is useless. So, I think Microsoft will have a pretty good amount of job on educating their users.

I personally don’t use Windows Vista.—— Just think about IE7, it is a totally failure!——So a good news is that the coming of Windows XP service pack 3. But, as many things with Microsoft these days, the actual release of Windows XP SP3 will need wait until 2008! And according this article » Vista SP1 is due in the second half of 2007 on, the Vista SP1 may also can’t delivered within the date as it claims. All these message plus the “slow” image of IE7 on my mind, I just want to say: “Microsoft, you can’t catch up the speed of the internet!” I even seldom use Microsfot Office now, I just use Google Docs & Spreadsheets.

Anyway, my opinion is, we better prepare ourselves some knowledge on Linux, and maybe someday we will all migrate to open source/free software! 🙂 .

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