Drupal 8 and eZ Publish 5 and Symfony

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  1. Man, your post is clearly biased towards eZPublish :) … not saying that is bad or completely wrong but it misses much of the technical details about drupal!!

    for example, drupal’s community is way bigger and hence discussions and workarounds are easier to find on google (and even stack exchange)…. personally I’ve been trying to install eZ publish for more than 5 hours due to the non-complete documentations for version 5 {finally came across a post that said that I should install it on a virtual host not in the normal /var/www} –and the installer didn’t tell me anything about the problem, moreover, the overwhelming amount of decencies and they are distributed everywhere in the installation documentation leaving you with no clue on how to really run it if your a re a first timer like myself — this makes me wonder why your blog is wordpress not EZpublish (because Ez can’t simply run on “any” shared hosting –while drupal has more potential to do :) )

    yet, another important point is ez publish approach about open source and software freedom isn’t very clear for me yet… however drupal association is a non-profit directly aiming at promoting drupal as an open source and free libre software.

    finally, drupal is “minimal” because it is part of the drupal design philosophy … it is intentionally very basic to be able to scale from a simple personal blog to a super complicated social network!

    Kind Regards,
    Mahmoud Fawzy

    • David Adam says:

      You are right, it is biased towards eZ Publish because it is an originally a post for the market purpose of eZ Systems; while I try to focus on eZ PUblish’s strength in this post, I try to keep the information as correct as possible.

      I like Drupal and WordPress. Everything has its imperfection, but as one famous slogan said, we should always try to “Use the right tool for the job”.

  2. Kapil Dave says:

    Well, saying this and that is not available in Drupal’s core system and hence it is not good enough is truly rubbish and it reflects the lack of understanding of Drupal system. In that sense, Windows OS is crap because it doesn’t ship MSOffice and Photoshop inbuilt!! Drupal’s approach is “minimum core – maximum options”. Why would you want a heavyweight core which has features that you don’t need? Why not a ‘minimum core’ which allows you every type of extensions that you probably need? That reduces the number of files and let’s you truly customize the application. That’s Drupal’s philosophy, you may agree with it or not which is fine. But saying Drupal is not good enough because it doesn’t ship some features with core is plain ignorance. JMT.

    • David Adam says:

      I agree with you. But the article had some bias in the other system. Drupal is a great system.
      But, my personal opinion is that it takes great discipline to have a team follow good standard; Drupal is too flexible to allow developers to use bad habits…


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