Define success, just to refresh your & my mind

Everybody want it, but few people actually get it.  Sucess, is a such troublesome word:  when it is ambiguous,  it makes me frustration, just to image only after a long time of hard work, you suddenly start to doubt  that what you were doing isn’t really what you want;  but when it is clear, I mean when it is made clear by others, parents, boss, friends and most importantly, the media,  it makes me angry,  because  your success can’t be defined by others! And it is certainly not just about fame and money. So, what is success?Here is a quote from an article of I read a while ago:

So, what is success?

Defining Success and Failure

I have a friend who runs a small Internet business that sells one product. He spends an hour a day on his business. Sometimes he misses a day … or three. He basically works whenever he wants. He lives in a modest two-bedroom unit about 50 meters from the beach. He plays golf three times a week, and enjoys a long, leisurely lunch on Fridays. He takes himself off to sporting events whenever he feels like it, and he travels quite a lot. He always has enough money in his pocket to buy a beer.

Is he successful?

I have a client who owns a spectacular business that turns over many millions of dollars each year. He employs a staff of 35 and is setting up for international expansion. He drives the latest Porsche, stars in his own TV commercials, and is well recognized for his wonderful business achievements. He works extraordinary hours, but he loves what he does.

Is he a success?

I manage a business that has a few divisions. We do quite a lot of web development, market plenty of businesses, manage athletes, and own and manage a number of web sites. I start work at about 8.30 each morning, and finish at midday. I then go to my local pool and swim a mile or two, after which I go for a run or a bike ride. I might then spend an hour at my local beachside café thinking through a few business ideas that we might have on the go.

Am I successful?

These are three very different businesses. Each business owner leads a very different lifestyle. So, just what is success?

Success is whatever you want it to be. Yes, that’s a thoroughgoing cliché. But, like all cliches, it became a cliche via its essential truth.

When I was a young fellow of 21, my ambition was to make a million dollars by the time I was 30. Then I hit some tough times where I struggled to pay the bills and put food on the table. All of a sudden, my definition of success went from earning millions to simply being able to feed my family. Now that I’m older (and, hopefully, a little wiser), my definition of success has shifted. I still run my own business — I have for over a decade — and with large numbers of small businesses folding within their fledgling years, I think that means I’m successful at what I do. Goals change — and your definition of success can change.

My friend with the Internet business makes enough money to have a comfortable lifestyle compared to many people. I call him successful. My client with the Porsche, the large business and the long hours he loves, would also be a success in many people’s eyes.

Success isn’t merely financial surplus, though. This is an important distinction to make: it might be your definition of success, but it doesn’t have to be. If you’re currently stuck in a boring, low-paid job that takes an hour’s drive to reach each morning, then running a freelance web development business from your spare bedroom that provides you with the exact same income might be your definition of success. Working from home, spending time with your family, running an interesting business, making a few dollars, and having fun? What could be better than that? Making $10 million a year might seem a bigger deal, but then that comes with its own issues, too.

Remember that only a tiny fraction of the population will achieve their dreams and major goals in their lives. Many people just hang around waiting for success to come along and smack them in the face. Well, it’s so unlikely to happen as to be out of the question. You have to get out there and grab life, reach for success. No one else will do it for you — it’s completely up to you.

I must say that I agree entirely with above. I hope this article will hope you out when you are thinking about the question. Remember, success is completely up to you!

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