Use Writer, the online Darkroom version!

As a blogger, you probably already knew Darkroom, a minimalist full-screen text editor( inspired by the WriteRoom a similar processor offer on Mac OS). What’s good about Darkroom is that it forces your focus your writing content and nothing else. It has no window caption bar, status bar, menu bar, tool bar or window borders. Sitting on your screen nakely with its full dark background and green text, you will feel as if you are the famous hacker in “Matrix”. 🙂

While Darkroom can help your write better content, it is a desktop tool. And moreover, it is only available on Windows. For those like me use a *nix box, there is a Java-Version of Darkroom, JDarkRoom, which is still in beta. I tried install it on my OpenSUSE laptop, but it seems has some problems to start up.

So, here comes the Writer! A online clone of the Darkroom.

Unlike Darkroom, Writer is an online tool like Google Notebook with rich Ajax functionalities. Writer has the almost identical Look & Feel of Darkroom I think. While you are writing your article, the surrounding area will automatically darkening, so you are automatically driven to the attention on your writing text. And yeah, it is full UTF-8 supported, so you can write non-western characters too. Plus the Ajax interface is functioning in most standard compliant web browsers. The developer of Writer is really did a pretty good job!

DarkRoom Screen Shot:

Writer offers many features, such as “auto saving” and “word count” which I think are very important for writers while they are writing the content. Many features are come with the keyboard shortcuts, such as F11 for Full Screen mode, Ctrl-N for creating new document and Ctrl-S for saving your document online.

Writer dot bighugelabs dot com also offers an free optional registration choice. While you can use Writer without registration. But if you register an account, after logged in, you will have more features such as manage past saved articles. A list of your written articles with statistical information (modified time, size, etc) will shown; You can delete an article, make it become shared with other users, send an article using email or download your articles to your local machine. With Writer, you can also print or generate a PDF of your article.

Writer Screen Shot:

With its nice interface and convenient features, Writer really makes me feel comfortable, and most importantly, makes me want to write more and better content. I even come up this idea that maybe tools like Google Notebook should have some configuration options that make it like Writer? Because the only thing I can think of is that we could have some browser extensions which connect to the Writer, so while we are preparing write some articles, we can throw in some text snippets directly into our Writer account. You know, while you are writing, you sometimes need to refer other informations; but if you keep switching to other places, the whole point of keep your focus on your writing content may go awry.

Anyway, let’s hope the service of Writer will continue and evolve. It is another good tool for every serious bloggers!

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    Creating content for the web isn’t easy, especially when there are so many tempting distractions. Hence it is important that a web writer is familiar with some tools of the trade that help in enhancing his productivity as a writer.



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